We are Axonier.

A professional services company valued for helping transform operating, technological and business models.

We make things happen.

Our areas of work: Management, Processes, Systems, People

Our areas of work

Management, Processes, Systems, People

We are a team with expertise in multiple disciplines that is comprised of professionals with skills to transform leading companies.

For more than a decade, we have been building long-term relationships with our clients and helping them reach the evolution of their businesses in dynamic sectors such as Banking, Oil and Gas, Mass Consumption, Health Care, Electronics, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Retail and Logistics, among others.

Our name tells everything about who we are

We are AXON, which is the term used for the prolongations of neurons of the brain that carry nerve impulses away from a neuron to another nerve cell where the order is executed. And we are also IER, which involves a loose interpretation of an Anglo-Saxon suffix related to someone or something that performs an action. Neurons allow us to think, feel, make decisions and have consciousness, but without the axons that transmit the message, there will be no action. It could be said that it is the perfect combination of thinking and action. That is why we chose it.

We are Axonier


Companies call us because they feel the need to bring about a change, they have a problem or they want to be more demanding with themselves. They want to evolve.
Our challenge is to find solutions that accelerate and ensure the evolution of our clients' businesses. To be pragmatic and, at the same time, develop a systemic approach to address changes allows us to achieve effective transformations and concrete results. How do we do it? We listen and get deeply involved to understand the objective and the people concerned with it.
We form a team of outstanding professionals with great academic qualifications as well as human qualities. We grow hand in hand with our clients, with whom we build long-standing relationships that are based on the trust they put in us to be their partners when tackling their challenges. We are passionate about solving problems, making the complex simple and making things work when they weren't functioning.
We put ideas into action. We don't focus only on the diagnosis or theoretical approaches—we are the ones who put the processes of change in motion. And the ones who complete it.
In two words: thinking + action. That defines our identity. We are what we say, but, particularly, we are what we do.



We know that talent and drive lead to extraordinary and consistent results. And it has been like that since our beginning.
The company was born because two friends had the dream of carrying out an undertaking and doing things in a different way. Shortly after, a third friend would join them.
Shared experiences and more than a decade of learning in top consulting firms made the dream come true, and that is how our story began. Driven by our passion to help people pursue their goals and achieve them, we knew that we could transform that belief into a way of doing things, multiplying actions, and sharing it with a team that enjoys what we do as much as we do.


The idea developed by Martín Vivo and Federico Losasso became more real: “it is time to do what we like, the way we like it.” It was time to create a different consulting firm.


We created Axonier. A few months later Mariano Ambrosini joined us and the team was finally completed. There were 5 of us and we were finishing our second project.


We established an office, hired an assistant and we welcomed our employee number 20. The implementation of process improvements and support in SAP implementations became a core element of our services.


The financial industry invited us to share its challenges and we began a relationship with Banco Galicia that continues to this day.


We started working with leading companies that entrusted us with their projects, such as Banco Santander and the Techint Group. Our first international project began.


We set up our new offices. We had already carried out 100 projects and the company doubled its size in two years.


Together with the company’s first 5 years of existence, we welcomed our employee number 100.


Gustavo Campo joined the company as a partner. The management team grew with the business and the company was organized into departments and managers.


In this year alone we developed more than 70 projects. Among them was the first project for YPF, which marked the beginning of a relationship of many years.


Axonier’s team involved more than 100 professionals. We incorporated new services and diversified our contributions regarding Customer Experience and User Experience in different industries.


We developed services in packages in order to bring our expertise to other regions. We focused on technology solutions applied to business: data science, robotization of processes and customizable platforms that are easy to implement.


We celebrated 10 years in business. The pandemic accelerated our own digital evolution and we developed an intelligent back office with processes and technologies properly used. We focused our time on what added the most value.


The post-pandemic world strengthened our position: 400 completed projects, 70 clients and a team of 150 people. Growth called for a change of place, so we moved to Polo Tecnológico (a technology cluster).


The new communication dynamics facilitate the possibility to offer services to other countries in the region, the USA and Europe. International expansion is already a reality.


We landed at our first international headquarters in Miami, Florida. Cecilia Palumbo is incorporated into her new role as partner. Our growth roadmap is strengthened with Microsoft platforms.

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Management Team

Martín Vivo

Partner at Axonier

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Federico Losasso

Partner at Axonier

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Gustavo Campo

Partner at Axonier

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Cecilia Palumbo

Partner at Axonier

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Pablo Lanzani

Director at Axonier

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Director at Axonier

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Florencia Speranza

Director at Axonier

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