Evolving technology

Founded more than 37 years ago, the Mirgor Group was formed with a clear mission: to become one of the developers of technological innovation in Argentina that is at the vanguard of the transformation of local and regional industries, crossing borders.

The Mirgor Group has over 3,500 employees and an extensive portfolio of products and services.  Its operations encompass several sectors in Argentina’s industry, including the manufacture of advanced technology equipment for major brands of the automotive, cell phone, and consumer electronics industries; distribution logistics and marketing to B2B and B2C clients of Samsung and LG channels in more than 60 retail stores and several online platforms, including the brand “Diggit”, its own E-Commerce store; and the development of software and innovative products together with other services and activities related to real estate leases and exports of agriculturalcommodities, such as corn, sorghum, sunflower, animal proteins, and by-products.

The companies that form MIRGOR are: Interclima, IATEC, CAPDO, GMRA, Holdcar, Electrotécnica, Famar, Brightstar and Brightstar Fueguina.

The Mirgor Group has its administrative offices in the City of Buenos Aires and 5 manufacturing plants in the city of Rio Grande, province of Tierra del Fuego. It also has a distribution logistics center with an area of 12,000 square meters located in Garín, province of Buenos Aires, and a plant for tire removal services in the city of Rosario, province of Santa Fe.

Today, after 7 years of having initiated this process of change, we can reconfirm the good decisions made just by observing the evolution of its share price on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BCBA), which went from being worth ARS 70 at the end of 2014 to surpassing the ARS 3,000 barrier at present.

The challenge

The appointment of new management focused on innovation and the creation of technology, the strategic need to modernize and transform the group and assimilate quickly a digital era that was beginning to enter the industry and even its long-time competitors’ companies, and the Group’s constant search for quality and delivering value to clients, made the Mirgor Group rethink its course. That is why, by the end of 2014, they contacted us to help them design that path and move forward steadily.

Daniel Cerdeira, CIO of the Mirgor Group at that time, confirmed with the board of directors and the shareholders that there was a strategic and pressing need to modernize its technology platform and optimize internal processes. It had been several decades since the Group had implemented BPCS as its ERP system and it was time to consider first-class comprehensive solutions that promote more standardized operating practices and give the company an equally robust and renewed image.

We then began to analyze and think with them about which new working tools should be considered, how and with whom should the company pursue this serious path to ensure a successful implementation, and, finally, when would be the best time to start this ambitious updating process.

The solution

After a few months of research and careful investigation, we came to the conclusion that SAP was the most suitable business management system. However, implementing a World Class ERP was only the tip of the iceberg. After making such decision, there appeared the need to align all business processes, including the entire HR operation; identify and integrate a complex and heterogeneous application map on a Cloud architecture which was pioneering even for the SAP supplier itself; simultaneously adopt a new solution for foreign trade; and execute everything in 8 months, for more than 2,000 employees and with a Go-Live transition which would most likely require planning a replacement on the spot.

The result

Those were the first months of a working relationship based on trust and commitment that is still intact after having participated in several projects and initiatives.

That first challenge ended with a successful implementation in a timely manner. On that occasion, together with a multidisciplinary team of consultants on processes, change management and project management, we were able to help the Mirgor Group achieve each one of its goals. It was a time of change, learning and adaptation that posed multiple challenges based on the same initial premise: to modernize the group, perfect how they work and strengthen the products and services they offer.

Integrating the operational support and improving the level of assistance provided by the process and IT department, developing different applications and solutions, helping them with regard to controls and confidence in certain implemented systems, and complementing their workforce with personnel specialized in specific practices in order to achieve their goals, have been all objectives that we have made our own.

At present, after 7 years of working together, the Mirgor Group keeps choosing us to address new challenges. Our secret is simple: we love what we do, we seek results and we are proud to be part of a team of excellence with a client that we undoubtedly consider our partner.


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