Extra capabilities
to increase
the potential of your teams.

That is Smart Teams

Our staff augmentation service provides companies with the specific skills they need by hiring experienced professionals.

We help organizations achieve their operational and business goals by accomplishing different kinds of objectives, including time-to-market, methodological development, compliance, or functional and technical support.

A range of experiences and skills to expand your organization's capabilities with:

  • Qualified specialists
  • Typical profiles
  • Specific skills

Thanks to our Smart Teams you will make improvements in efficiency and scalability, and they will help you achieve your objectives by balancing costs and efficiency.


With the help of Smart Teams, business and support teams can expand their capabilities and reduce waiting periods. Organizations can avoid the internal processes for selection, hiring, and onboarding each time there is a change in the structure, while at the same time they become ready to satisfy market demands quickly by adapting their teams.

Temporary Staff

Each time a company needs special capabilities to complement its teams' skills, it can fill that gap by temporally hiring staff for the duration of that particular project, thus avoiding internal hiring processes to put those professionals on its payroll.


Apart from the possibility of having teams of experts with skills to render high-quality services, Smart Teams also constitutes the optimal productivity strategy to balance teams' efforts between the daily operation and projects' needs.

Smart Teams can complement your organization
based on an in-office, hybrid, or fully-remote work model with:



This service is a complete solution of high added value in which we comprehensively put together and manage our team, in line with the objectives of the client. This allows organizations to entrust us with the entire development of activities and their follow-up, after we jointly agree on SLAs and control mechanisms.

Cases in which it can be applied:

  • Project management offices (PMOs) with agile or traditional methodologies
  • Development and maintenance of applications
  • Infrastructure and technology
  • Audits and compliance controls (SOX)
  • Reporting and data science


Specific Talents

This service allows us to complement our clients by providing them with professionals who have the skills and experience they need.
With a high level of responsiveness, we are committed to our task from the beginning of the relationship and we are constantly involved, matching expectations and taking care of our talents.

Examples of profiles we can provide with this service are: project manager, scrum master, agile coach, demand manager, developer, functional analyst, tester, support analyst, infrastructure specialist, IT security expert, compliance profiles and UX/UI designers.

This is our way to fulfill
your needs with Smart Teams

Thanks to our proven and adaptable method, we can ensure that our clients have the right candidates within the requested time limit.

  • Needs assessment
  • Candidate screening and selection
  • Appointment and onboarding
  • Management and people care

Do you want to have Smart Teams but don't know how?


Over the years we have built relationships based on trust with our clients by developing services tailored to their needs. Working from different areas of knowledge, our experts have contributed to the success of their projects and the accomplishment of their objectives.

We work with the IT area to run and manage its strategic projects for development, infrastructure and technology with more than 50 professionals.


We ensure demand planning and the accomplishment of objectives concerning major IT projects.


We are part of the development and UX design teams for its agile projects at a global level.

Assist Card

Our professionals strengthen the Agility Center of Excellence (COE).


We complement its capabilities related to analysis and agile management of projects.


We assist the area responsible for Organization and Processes in the management of its improvement and compliance initiatives.


We strengthen the infrastructure and security teams, which are highly critical areas in the financial services sector.


Our teams design, implement and maintain portals based on MS SharePoint technology.


We support the compliance management of the IT area.


Our specialists support and complement the capabilities of the IT team.

Banco de la Pampa

We create agile cells for the development of business solutions.


Teams focused on managing the annual compliance cycles at the company level.


We support the agile transformation process with experts focused on developing key company teams.

Galicia Seguros

Our teams of functional analysts and PMs support its digital transformation initiatives.


We manage the help desk providing level 0 and 1 support for business applications.


We create the team that designs, builds and implements robots to automate processes.

Banco Ciudad

Our testing teams and functional and technical analysts complement the internal capabilities.


We provide training regarding roles in agile methodology and support the development of business projects with an approach based on processes.


We support the Systems PMO with the management and monitoring of its projects.


We complement the Agile Office with Agile specialists in order to develop decisive initiatives for Organization and Processes.

La Segunda

Our professionals assist process management in its methodological development and project management.